SMSC Relay ActiveX SDK 2.3

SMSC Relay ActiveX SDK 2.3

ActiveX library for communicating via SMSC on the TCP/IP protocol
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Integrate the ability to use SMSC communications through the TCP/IP protocols directly into your own applications. The SDK supports four protocols SMPP, UCP, SEMA and CIMD2 and includes the ability to transfer SMS and EMS messages containing images, sounds, animations, and logos.

SMSC Relay ActiveX SDK library is a set of optimized ActiveX components enabling quick creation of applications implementing the communication with the SMSC through TCP/IP protocol.
Changes in version 2.3
- Asynchronous message submit in SMPP protocol (SubmitMessageAsunc function).
- Unbind functionality in SMPP protocol (FinalizeSession function)
- ASCII and GSM frontend functionality added to the SMPP protocol.
- InquiryMessage function in UCP component interface.
- DeleteMessage function in UCP component interface.
- Added SubmitData function for SMPP protocol.
- ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1), ISO 8859-5 (Cyrylic) and ISO 8859-8 (Hebrew) encoding.
- Performance improvements.
- Minor tweaks and fixes.
The library consists of four components, each of them implements one communication protocol. Supported protocols are SEMA (version 8.1), CIMD2 (version 1.2), UCP (version 2) and SMPP (version 3.4). Key features:
- Multithreading construction ensures maximum efficiency of the sending and receiving messages process
- Receiving messages sent by users to special (short) numbers (contests, surveys, voting services etc.)
- Possibility to send and receive SMS and EMS messages, messages containing images, animations, logos, sounds etc.
- Possibility to send and receive seven-bit text messages, eight-bit messages with binary data as well as text messages encoded in Unicode (UCS2) standard
- Full information about the message delivery status
- Support for messages containing user header (UDH) and for encrypted messages
- Possibility to send messages in Direct Display mode (FlashSMS)
- Possibility to attach an alphanumeric signature to messages
- Network connection keep-alive functionality
- Possibility to use in .NET environment and all environments that support ActiveX (also in ASP environment.)
- Tested in cooperation with many SMSC configurations


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